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Artist Kurihara Takuya

When Isaac and I were in Berlin at the Flea Market in MauerPark (Flohmarkt), We stumbled across Kurihara Takuya selling his work from a table in the middle of the isle. His collages and works were captivating. We bought a good number of pieces from him and I have three sitting above my desk to this day. His work is so detailed, combining collage, ink and paint on paper. Absolutely lovely and stunning. I am going to be keeping an eye out for shows.

From his website:

Kurihara, born Japan 1983

Working with a mix of classical and modern techniques and using a combination of acrylic paint, ink, marker pen, fine liner and collage he produces works that are both abstract and defined, playful yet concrete. Free flowing splatters of color are painstakingly refined with tiny line work, patterns and carefully masking taped color fields. His painted works float on meticulously prepared canvases, often with multiple layers of subtly textured under-painting, while his drawings on paper flow between minimalism and graphic design.

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