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One Year One Book: MMX Open Art Venue

©Jonathan Gröger/MMX

The awesome art venue MMX in Berlin where my good friend Jason Burgess works has a project on Kickstarter where they are publishing a book. Get the book on Kickstarter! When I went to Berlin I was able to go to this incredible venue. (take a peek at my photos on It was really great and I can’t wait to see the book. Watch the video! There’s not much time left.

In the words of MMX:

We are searching for funding to publish a book that documents the beginning of an international and transitory art project. MMX Open Art Venue started with the challenge of one year to change a dilapidated building in a commercial neighborhood in a foreign country into one of the most successful spaces for emerging and underexposed art and creativity. The space we used last year will be demolished and renovated into condos next year and the only thing that will exist is this book cataloging the whole MMX experience.

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