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Jason Burgess – No Jobs No Prospects No Future No Ceilings

My friend Jason Burgess it at it again.. currently located in Germany.. he has come out with a series of raw youtube videos entitled. “No Jobs No Prospects No Future No Ceilings.” There are 21 videos in all so I’m not going to include them all here. Here is the link to the play list. Jason says:

“No Jobs No Prospects No Future No Ceilings. One day in Wolfen Nord divided into 21 parts. Filmed video and recorded headphone sound.”

All of these videos are so raw. The contract with a headphone/camera recorded lil wayne brings an interesting aspect to it. it almost seems to make the landscape not lonely.. bringing familiarity in the unfamiliar and sparse landscape. Below are a couple of my favorites…

And below, I’ve included the last of the videos below where you can read the graffiti.

check out the playlist of the videos and also Jason’s website. Let me know if you have any favorites.

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